I was introduced to computer programming in 1970...

My introduction to programming was in a freshman chemistry class in 1970. We worked with the IBM FORTRAN G1 compiler on an IBM 360 something or other (back in the days of punched cards.) As a chemistry major, I worked with FORTRAN every semester and for two years of graduate school, while earning a Master of Science in Chemistry.  Since college, I worked as a chemist at Celanese in Bishop, TX and GAF in Arlington TX. I programmed several simulation packages while at SMU, earning my MBA in 1983 (or was it 1984?).

My hard core computer experience began when I went to work for Intel in the early 80's. Since 1984, I've programmed computers for a living.

I mostly develop software for Windows using Microsoft Visual C++. At the moment, I slip back and forth between VS 2005 and VS 2008. I like most of the features in VS 2008 a lot better than VS 2005. I've found some issues with certain header files shipped with VS 2008, which you can read about here. I used to work a lot with FreeBSD and Apache, back when I owned my own consulting firm (1992-2002). I prefer FreeBSD and Apache, however, my work path has taken me into the Windows world full time.

I currently work for Southwest Research Institute where I am a Principal Analyst. The SwRI environment is fast paced and challenging. The work environment is excellent.

My family lives in Edmond, OK. My daughter owns a thoroughbred horse, named Rocket. He's about 9 years old, and he's turned into a nice hunter-jumper competitor in the short time that we've had him. You can see him here and here and in the photo album. We attend First Presbyterian Church in Edmond, OK.

In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, hiking and the outdoors in general. I grew up in Alabama in the 1950's and 60's. It was a period of tremendous upheaval and unrest. I remember as a boy being quite frightened by the events around me.

We lived in Montgomery in the early 60's. I was nine years old when the Freedom Riders came to town. I had no idea what Marshal Law was, but I was scared. It was quite scary to see the convoys of National Guardsmen crowding the Atlanta Highway, going by in uniform with loaded rifles and bayonetes fixed. I also managed to live through racial trouble at John Shaw High School (Mobile, AL) when it was integrated in 1968. (It's no fun going to school with armed policemen patrolling the hallways.) Talk about a screwy time, 1968 was tremendously unsettled- Vietnam, integration and the general shift in acceptable behavior that was occuring. Someday I'd like to write all of this down. I was lucky enough to live the history others only read about.

Tuesday, January 24