Setting a StaticIP on Azure Server Returns an Error

by Codewiz51 5. October 2014 15:24

If you ever get the error: "Update-AzureVM : BadRequest: The value for parameter 'SubnetNames' is null or empty.", do not fret.  The fix is simple.  The VM that you are trying to assign a static IP does not exist in the subnet you are trying to assign it too.  I ended up deleting and recreating the server, making sure I used the "Gallery" and not the "Quick" creation option.  Then, ensure you create the VM in your private network.



Head First HTML5 Programming

by Codewiz51 6. July 2014 08:36

I've been working my way (slogging) through Head First HTML5 Programming: Building Web Apps with JavaScript [Kindle Edition].  The book has a quirky feel, with lots of odd pictures and sidebars.  It allows you to work your way through the code and the testing is ingenious, yet thorough.  I found it worthwhile to work my way through the tests, which are generally a "match the word to a blank in a sentence" style.

I generally learn better through books.  I like to read, and generally learn a subject more completely by reading a "getting started" book like Head First HTML 5, followed by the reference documentation for the subject.  I particularly enjoyed the introduction to the Google mapping API, which I have been dancing around for the last year.  The intro was straight forward and provided me with the correct terms for further web searches.

If you've been working in JavaScript and HTML 4 for a while, this book is an excellent kick start.  I highly recommend it.


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Happy Independence Day!

by Codewiz51 4. July 2014 07:56

On this day, July 4th, 2014, I would like to thank the thousands of men and women that have given their lives for our liberty.  So many stories of bravery and sacrifice are untold but are appreciated beyond my ability to express.  We can live and breath and pursue happiness in this country thanks to the vision and wisdom of our Founding Fathers, some 238 years ago.  It would do well for all citizens to read and understand the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, along with the first ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights.  I wish all of you well, free to enjoy a safe and happy celebration of our Independence.


Vacation, Staycation and Coding

by Codewiz51 2. July 2014 08:13

I'm taking vacation this week, and honestly intended to do more coding.  However, I find myself doing a lot more around the house than I envisioned.  The weather has been unseasonably cool in Oklahoma and I find myself on my mountain bike a lot more than I anticipated.  I like to ride for distance at Lake Hefner, and I ride for excitement on the Bluff Creek trail.  I am in sore need of decompression time.  Sometimes, you get wound up in your job so tightly, you forget to balance your work and personal time.  Perhaps, this afternoon when it's supposed to get hot, I will retreat indoors and do more than vegetate on the couch.  (Or maybe, I will just read some science fiction.) Cool

Update: I made 2.5 laps today on the bike trail at Bluff Creek.  Not a stellar time, but at least I made it.  Not hot, but very humid.

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I've drunk the Enterprise Library 6 Kool Aid.

by Codewiz51 29. June 2014 18:42

I've never really been a fan of Enterprise Library, until I had to assist with a coworker's project.  He had used Entity Framework and Enterprise Library in his MSMQ project.  I was really impressed with the logging in the project and the flexibility.  So I decided to bite the bullet and start anew with Enterprise Library 6.

So, here I am with a shiny new library downloaded from here: Enterprise Library 6 April 2013

I downloaded the eBook documentation here.

And the example applications are at this link.

So far, this is good stuff.  Not great, but solid and useful.  It applies some order to what can be a disorderly process.  I am deeply into studying Unity at this point, as I just completed some work in Java, using CDI and Weld on Jboss, complete with dependency injection.  The comparisons are favorable, although I like the annotation approach used by Java a little bit better at this point.  But this is just an opinion on semantics.

Update: Be sure to execute the logging example with Administrative privileges.  The program needs to add an event source, and you need to be an administrator to perform this task.

This blog entry for the Ent Lib 6 team is a bit dated, but still very useful. Just released - Microsoft Enterprise Library 6

I was not able to get the EntLibConfig.exe program working correctly. I came across this web article and found I needed to execute install-packages.ps1 by right clicking and choosing Run with Powershell.




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