My experience with HP P1102w wireless printer

by Codewiz51 23. October 2011 11:24

I've had an HP P1102w hooked up via WiFi to my home network for about 4 months.  The printer has performed flawlessly.

Yesterday, the printer lost its WiFi connection and would not re-establish the connection, despite all of my attempts.  I found using the wireless configuration utility from HP was not having the desired effect.

Here is how I was able to re-establish the WiFi connection:

  1. Uninstall HP software from each PC.   Uninstall all software using the HP Uninstall on the menu and then searching the Program Features app in control panel for HP software related to the printer.
  2. Make sure the USB cable between the printer and the computer is unplugged if you use the HP recommended method for setting up WiFi
  3. Turn off and unplug the printer.  Allow the printer to stay unplugged for about an hour at least.  I left mine off overnight
  4. Write down the wireless key and have it ready when you reconnect WiFi
  5. I unplugged my ATT 2WIRE595 router (model 3800HGV-B).  Allowed the power to remain disconnected for about 15 minutes.  (This means no TV, no internet.  Be prepared for family howling.)
  6. Power on router - this takes a few minutes
  7. While the router is coming back up, plug in the printer
  8. After the router is back online and the Wireless indicator light is on without any blinking, turn on the printer
  9. After the printer is turned on, plug in the USB cable between the computer and the printer
  10. You should see Windows 7 loading device drivers and then asking if you want to run SISetup.exe
  11. Choose run
  12. Choose Wireless configuration
  13. Chose manual configuration of the Wireless connection
  14. When asked, enter your network key
  15. The printer should connect to the wireless router in a couple of minutes
  16. Unplug the USB cable when instructed by the setup program
  17. Print a test sheet to verify the printer is working

You're done!  I feel this was not a problem with the printer and I probably reset the connection the hard way.  I think the DHCP server on my router may have been munged up.  Next time, I will try the following steps:

  1. Reset the router by unplugging the power supply
  2. Use the HP wireless configuration utility to attempt to renew the DHCP lease.

I've also found the following settings on my router help the printer stay connected:

  1. Extend the DHCP lease time to 999 (on my router, this is basically an infinity setting.)
  2. The printer does not seem to correctly renew it's DHCP lease correctly, so making sure there are a minimum number of lease expirations seems to help the printer stay online.



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