XML versus CSV

by Codewiz51 5. May 2010 21:03

A lot of my after hours time is spent improving my XML DOM object skills.

However, when I looked over my projects at work, I realized CSV file formats are probably more important than XML.  Why?  Because engineers like to use Excel.  It seems to be the most important adhoc analysis tool used in our industry.  Long before our statistical analysis tools are unleashed, rough calculations are derived in Excel.  And what is the file exchange medium of choice for importing data into Excel?  Comma-Separated-Value files. More...

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Parsing a csv file

by Codewiz51 9. September 2008 20:49

In a project at work, I needed to parse a rather large csv file with 40+ columns and about 15,000 rows. This is not a minor task using Split and Readline in c#. I found this wonderful library on CodeProject. I'm not a fan of using code from this site, but the author of this article did a very nice job. Kudos!

A Fast CSV Reader
By Sebastien Lorion

NUnit is required to compile the source project. You'll probably need to reset the reference to nunit.framework in the csv reader project. Also, the the csv reader project is created in VS 2008. You can create a new project with the same name and then pull in all the code files and directories for a VS 2005 project (which is how I used it).

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