New Year's Resolutions

by Codewiz51 1. January 2012 06:40

I didn't wait for the New Year to make some resolutions and changes in my life:

Get more exercise

I started in August.  Besides very demanding yard work, moving dirt, grading and disposal of a trash pile (branches mostly), I've set aside 30 minutes four times a week.  The results can be seen in my lab results and weight loss.  My LDL has declined noticeably

Lose weight

I started a serious weight loss program in October.  I'm down 30+ pounds.  I'm purposely going through a life style change regarding my relationship with food.  I've adopted low carb eating habits while maintaining sane attitudes towards fat consumption.  So far, this is paying off.  It's also turned me into a creative cook, which is a lot of fun.   I've also learned that it's OK to throw food away.  The depression years were deeply ingrained in me by my parents.  I always felt I needed to clean my plate.  I've also learned to cook smaller, resulting in far less wasted food.

Calm down

I do deep breathing exercises in the morning and during the day.  I make two 10 - 15 minute breaks at work to get out and walk, or stretch in the conference room.  I walk for 30 minutes at lunch.  I don't go out as often for big lunches.  I've cut back on my coffee consumption.  I make sure to get in bed by 10 P.M.

Read more often

This change goes hand in hand with watching less TV.  This has not been a hard change.  I enjoy reading.

Good luck to everyone else this year.  We all want to change our lives for the better.  I'm well on my way to make permanent changes in the way I live.




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