Latest release of DCDFlib is out

by Codewiz51 7. May 2011 10:44

Release 1.8.0 of dcdflib is posted here.  I've caught a couple of bugs not covered by the old test program.  The unit test module is now able to cover 63% of the code.

I am going to take a break from coding and unit test design to complete the XML documentation.


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Unit Testing Continues for DCDFLib

by Codewiz51 5. May 2011 10:43

Updated: I've completed the port of dcdflibTest to a unit test format.  (Click here.)  Unfortunately, code coverage is only about 65%.  It will take some time to improve code coverage.

I have nearly completed porting the test program to a unit test format.  I took some time to look at code coverage last night.  I was a little disappointed.  With the work that I have performed on unit tests so far, only a little over 50% of the code is actually tested.  This means I will need to expand the unit test module to expand code coverage.

Here is my plan for DCDFlib:

  1. Complete unit tests using VS 2008
  2. Complete documentation using VS 2008
  3. End development on DCDFLib using VS 2008
  4. Move the code over to VS 2010
  5. Port the code to c# and .Net 4.0

I hope to complete this work sometime in June.

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Reached a major milestone with DCDFlib

by Codewiz51 29. April 2011 22:27

I have reached a major milestone (for me anyway) regarding the refactoring and modernization of DCDFlib code.  I've succeeded in removing the goto's and labels from all but one method.  I have also started a unit test project (slow going) and xml documentation of the library (also slow going.)



Windows 7 and VS 2008

by Codewiz51 20. January 2011 20:26

The last few days have been one of disease and pestilence in my household.  The stomach flu struck us with a vengence.  First the baby came down with it.  We struggled mightly to keep her hydrated during the ordeal.  Then my daughter got sick and finally I was came down with symptoms.  It was just not much fun to live here.

I found out tonight that I was a bit sloppy with my work on DCDFLIB.  I've been working on Windows XP, but over the holidays I "upgraded" to Windows 7; tonight, I finally dusted off VS 2008 and began cleaning up routines in the library.  After compiling, I initiated testing and BOOM!  The DLL image was wrong.  I searched the internet for a bit and realized I would need to set up x86 and x64 environments for both my test program and the statistics library.  After a bit of project modification, I was back to testing on Windows 7.

The moral is, make sure all of your components are targeting the same environments when working with managed C++ and C#.

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DCDFLIB and gamma_inc_inv

by Codewiz51 14. November 2010 20:32

I may have met my match with gamma_inc_inv.  So far, there are a few sections of code that should probably be moved out to separate functions, or the goto statements should be left in.  Theses sections are referred to in the calling code five or six times.  It will be very difficult to resection the code to get away from the goto statements.

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