What A Sad All Hallow's Eve

by Codewiz51 1. November 2009 18:55

Last night was such a sad Halloween.  Not 10 years ago, our neighborhood bustled with children, the young ones appearing at dusk, and the older kids roaming until 9 PM or so.  Last night, only four little trick or treaters showed up at our door.  Granted, we don't decorate like we did when our kids were younger, but we still enjoy cutting a jack'o lantern and handing out candy.  Saturday night just seemed so sad.  It used to be a social event where parents with flash lights visited at the corners and on the curbs.  But not any more.  Now it's planned parties and "safe" activities.  There's no quickening of the pulse because of dark shadows and strange growling from older brothers and sisters hiding in the shrubbery when their siblings passed by.  It all seemed so sterile.




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