Latest release of DCDFlib is out

by Codewiz51 7. May 2011 10:44

Release 1.8.0 of dcdflib is posted here.  I've caught a couple of bugs not covered by the old test program.  The unit test module is now able to cover 63% of the code.

I am going to take a break from coding and unit test design to complete the XML documentation.


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Unit Testing Continues for DCDFLib

by Codewiz51 5. May 2011 10:43

Updated: I've completed the port of dcdflibTest to a unit test format.  (Click here.)  Unfortunately, code coverage is only about 65%.  It will take some time to improve code coverage.

I have nearly completed porting the test program to a unit test format.  I took some time to look at code coverage last night.  I was a little disappointed.  With the work that I have performed on unit tests so far, only a little over 50% of the code is actually tested.  This means I will need to expand the unit test module to expand code coverage.

Here is my plan for DCDFlib:

  1. Complete unit tests using VS 2008
  2. Complete documentation using VS 2008
  3. End development on DCDFLib using VS 2008
  4. Move the code over to VS 2010
  5. Port the code to c# and .Net 4.0

I hope to complete this work sometime in June.

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