Vacation, Staycation and Coding

by Codewiz51 2. July 2014 08:13

I'm taking vacation this week, and honestly intended to do more coding.  However, I find myself doing a lot more around the house than I envisioned.  The weather has been unseasonably cool in Oklahoma and I find myself on my mountain bike a lot more than I anticipated.  I like to ride for distance at Lake Hefner, and I ride for excitement on the Bluff Creek trail.  I am in sore need of decompression time.  Sometimes, you get wound up in your job so tightly, you forget to balance your work and personal time.  Perhaps, this afternoon when it's supposed to get hot, I will retreat indoors and do more than vegetate on the couch.  (Or maybe, I will just read some science fiction.) Cool

Update: I made 2.5 laps today on the bike trail at Bluff Creek.  Not a stellar time, but at least I made it.  Not hot, but very humid.

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The Puzzling Size of Refrigerators

by Codewiz51 15. September 2013 07:52

I've gotten a bit hung up on HGTV Network's "House Hunters: International" serial semi-reality/semi-fantasy series.  One of the big questions I have for the series comes from the size of refrigerators.  Generally, it seems as though almost every other country manages to survive with refrigerators and freezers that are one third the size of American refrigerators.  Why is this?

  • First of all, Europeans must not need to/not be able to "stock up" on perishable food.
  • Do they need to shop more often?
  • Do they eat out more?
  • Do they purchase take out food more often?
  • How do Europeans in rural areas obtain food?
  • Do they have to make long treks to villages that are big enough to have markets?
  • Do they eat lots of canned food?
  • Do Europeans waste less food because it doesn't rot in the refrigerator?

My own personal experience says that we purchase lots of healthy fresh perishable items.  Then, we are too tired to cook during the week, or too over scheduled during the week to cook, or simply too lazy to cook during the week.  We end up trashing a fair amount of food items because they go bad in storage.  Maybe, if we were realistic, we would only buy a couple of days of perishable foods, ostensibly we would have more realistic expectations of our time.

I know this is an inane question, but I'd really like to understand how other cultures get by with such tiny refrigerators.

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What a wonderful sunset...

by Codewiz51 13. June 2013 21:31

Drove out to Arcadia to watch the sunset.  Took a couple fo great photo's of a quiet evening in Oklahoma.

The pond is full after all of the rain and storms.

Sunset and moon in view

Managed to catch the moon is this photo of the sunset.  The moon is that little white spec in the middle of the photo.



Against my better judgement...

by Codewiz51 9. June 2013 20:33

Against my better judgement, I skipped the long haul biking I had planned, stayed home, and grilled some meats.  It was a good decision.

Some very good things happened on this grill today!

I tried out Tabasco's new garlic marinade today.  It is wonderful!  Not spicy at all, but has that great Tabasco flavor.

Smoked pork shoulder and a couple of loins. Lunch will be very, very good next week!


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May was a very busy month!

by Codewiz51 9. June 2013 09:21

May was a busy month! It's been a while since I posted anything.  I changed jobs in May.  I am working with a new Team, assisting with the development of iOS apps and a company search engine. In addition, I've spent a lot of time upgrading my home domain software and development environment.  I'm deeply (and somewhat unhappily) involved with Sharepoint Foundation 2013.

I installed Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2013 on my back up domain controller.  I'm a bit disappointed.  I didn't read the installation requirements, and I've managed to bring my little under powered server to it's knees.  My fault.  I can tell you that if you are intending to install Sharepoint 2013 or Sharepoint Foundation 2013, you need ram, and lots of it. My little server only supports 4 GB of RAM (Max!) and it's not nearly enough.  My event log is filled with these events:

The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected a condition requiring your attention.  The Current server is running low on memory.

The memory usage on the current server is about {0}. This can cause the eviction or throttling of the Distributed Cache Service/

Check the memory usage on the machine.And try to free up some memory or add more ram on the machine. For more information about this rule, see "".

My advice is to purchase the self published Amazon booklet "Sharepoint 2013 Development Machine." There are some negative reviews, but I found the booklet very helpful.  Had I read the booklet, I would have purchased a new computer with a lot more memory and more processor before undertaking this work.

I've thought about uninstalling Sharepoint Foundation, and actually initiated the process, but something always comes up to prevent me from removing the software.  While the system is clearly not a good test, experiment and development set up, it is a functioning system that can be used for development (if you are patient.)  I've found the system is workable when writing and testing code -- barely.

Back to my new job:

I'm working with Java web services, developing in eclipse.  I'm also working with JavaScript (massive amounts), PostgreSQL and a host of other technologies.  It's interesting and I am reading a lot of material.  Wish me luck!

Low carb diet info:

I was on a cruise in mid May, and I gave up all pretense of living the low carb life style.  Now that I'm back, it's back to salads, veggies and chicken.  Unfortunately, I've played a little fast and loose with the diet, and I am having to make up for it.

Gene with Mt. EdgeCumbe in the background

Here's a picture of me with Mt. Edgecumbe in the background. Yes, it is as beautiful as it looks.




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