School is back in session!

by Codewiz51 13. August 2008 07:57

My son got off to college yesterday. He's visiting a friend in Missouri before heading back to Lincoln on Saturday. He's got a car this year. We bought him a TomTom to aid with highway directions. We're hoping that swimming and schoolwork are successful for him.

My daughter's school began today. It was nice getting back into the swing of things. Car pool meeting at Braums followed by the I-35 & I-40 trip to school.

My wife is happy school is back in session. She gets to go back to bed and sleep after we leave the house. The cats and dogs are happy that the summer time commotion of having the kids in the house is over.

I stopped at Burger King for breakfast this morning after dropping off the girls. One word of warning. Don't purchase the Enormous Omlet Sandwich if you are not extremely hungry. Don't bother getting tatter tots either. You won't need them. The sandwich is good, but it is just big, even for a fat guy like me.

I've switched to using 100% gasoline from the ethanol mix. I am getting much better gas mileage in my Matrix. It seems to be worth the extra 10 - 12 cents at the pump. My gas mileage has improved from 30-31 to 33-34 mpg (manual transmission, small 1800 cc engine).

My Amazon books arrived on Monday. I cracked them open last night, but the olympics were just too interesting.

I spent some time going over this tutorial before dinner: How To Create Your Own Website Design Using Gimp. The tutorial is reasonably smooth and workable. I learned a lot. I hope to start putting it to good use in the sandbox very soon.



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