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by Codewiz51 14. August 2008 07:18

I've been reading "The Artist's Guide To GIMP Effects" by Michael J. Hammel. I'm not an artist or a photographer, but I have collected quite a few photographs of family life, which makes for good GIMP practice. This book is a godsend for the artistically challenged. I hope to be posting some artwork in my sandbox or wiki "real soon now, y'heah?"

For the WinROTT lovers, I am back on WinROTT. The kids are back in school and I have a little more time in the evenings to work.

I am also trying to work out in the evenings as well. I've got to get back into a routine that includes exercising regularly. The weather this week isn't supposed to break 90, so I hope my wife and I can start walking in the evenings.

I go to the doctor today for my pinkie finger. I tore a tendon and it's been in a splint for four weeks. I can't tell you how inconvenient having a splint on your right pinkie finger can be. It's extremely difficult to write with a pen or pencil, and typing is somewhat of a challenge. The greatest inconvenience has been operating the weed eater and starting the lawn mower with without tearing the splint off of my hand. Hopefully I will only have to wear the splint at night for the next four weeks.

Update: Hooray, the splint is off during the day, but I will continue to wear it at night. My pinkie finger is not fully functional, but the Doc says I should start using it.

Sorry to be so programmatically challenged for the last two months. It's been difficult to get motivated with the wonderful summer we've been having. I'm also trying to pick up some demonstrable web design skills. One never knows what the future will bring in our crazy economy and I would like to be flexible.

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