Thankful I have AT&T U-Verse

by Codewiz51 27. August 2008 20:46

When I was a little boy, I detested the political conventions. Why? Because the networks pre-empted my cartoon shows with stuff that a 7 year old could have cared less about. Today, I still detest the political conventions. Why? Because the networks pre-empt important subjects like Georgia, Iraq and the dismal sciences with stuff that a 50 something could care less about. Smile

The major news websites are covered up with non-news about the conventions and who goosed who the best today. While Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq and Georgia and Belarus and Moldova and the Crimea bubble and boil with events that may spill over into our lives and the lives of our young soldiers one day. (Lest you forget, Poland is a part of NATO now. What happens if Russia marches in? NATO has to show up.)

Since 1776, there has been plenty to not like about this country. But there has also been plenty to be loved and cherished and fought for, with sacrifices of citizens yearning to stay free. I'm just glad I don't have to watch the blowhard politicians giving speeches. The same do-nothings that can't seem to get rid of entitlement programs and love buying votes with pork. The same do-nothings that legalized bribery and called it "lobbying". (The lobbying bug is so bad, even companies and management not interested in politics are forced to hire lobbyists and join industry associations lest they be "taken advantage of".) The same do-nothings that don't want to take China seriously. The same do-nothings that allow Wall Street to run our currency and central bank policy. All it is, is talk. It's all just one big racket. Murphy's law, applied to absolute power and absolute wealth, is still Murphy's law. Except now, I call it the Law of Unintended Consequences.

So, I'll mow the back yard this evening and work on WinROTT tonight. And then I'll read some of Orson Scott Card's short stories and fall asleep. Even though I don't watch much TV, I'll sleep better knowing I have the choice of not watching the major networks' coverage of the conventions. The politicians will talk about how much they love me and want to help me; but they really love the big donors in the private penthouses. They just want to fool me long enough to vote for them.

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