First Pass Of dcdflib Library

by Codewiz51 11. October 2008 09:44

This is my first pass release of dcdflib, modifed slightly so it will execute as a safe assembly. I haven't made too many modifications at this point. My intentions are to get the dcdflibTest program working correctly. I need the output from a properly verified test before I begin wholesale changes to the library source code.

You'll need Visual Studio 2005 to compile this project. It will upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 without problem. Here's the project and source code: (81.89 kb) <- Original release with typographical errors in the formatted output.

Updated 10/12/08 - I found about a dozen cut and paste errors in the unit test file program.cs, contained in the original release. (I was in the process of cleaning up formatting issues and managed to introduce errors in the output of the program.) Both releases are available for download, in case someone might want to compare the two versions. There are no changes to the dcdflib assembly, just changes to the test program. I've tried to verify output of the clr version of the program compared to the native version. In some cases, there appears to be some differences in rounding at the sixth or seventh significant digit (e.g. a value that might display as 3 in the native version displays as 2.99999876 in the clr version.) (82.00 kb) Release 1.1 on 10/12/08 with corrections to the unit test program.

I've moved this project to my wiki, DCDFLIB Project. The wiki provides a better platform for presentation of coding details.

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