Avoiding the stuff I thought I would be tinkering with...

by Codewiz51 18. February 2009 22:26

Have you ever had one of those breaks in time, where you actually avoid working on stuff you thought you would be working on? I've been avoiding WinROTT and DCDFLIB for quite some time. I've been doing a little bit of work running DirectX examples, trying to understand how I am going to port WinROTT to DirectX. But mostly, I've been playing around with VMWare. I'm currently downloading the latest release of FreeBSD, version 7.1, which I intend to run on VM Ware. I used to live and die by FreeBSD and Apache, when I owned and ran Tetron Software, LLC. Most of my web work revolved around Apache and an environment called Mason. Anyway, I digress away from my laziness.

I've been attempting to get outside a lot more, and with the nice weather we've been having, I think I have a touch of spring fever. I'd rather be working with Rocket, my daughter's horse, or hiking, or engaged in some new recipe for dinner. I am not quite sure why I am avoiding working on projects that I actually enjoy. It's just something that happens.

I also have to report an important debate we've had in our office over the last several months. The debate is whether sentences should be separated by two spaces or one space. I've been using two spaces after a period when writing papers. But when I type on the web, I've been using a single space after the period. We've even had a couple of English teachers chime on what is correct. The consensus is, following a period with two spaces is old school, generally learned in typing class. When you follow a period with a single space, you are avant garde with your punctuation and spacing. I guess I will continue to be inconsistent, using two spaces when typing a paper, and one space when typing blog articles. Who would've thought?

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