Bookpool is no more...

by Codewiz51 29. June 2009 13:54

I used to purchase most of my technical literature from a web site called  It was an excellent site for purchasing technical books.  Alas, today, I went to the site, determined that I would "catch up" on .NET 3.5 literature and get a head start on .Net 4.0.  But the site is gone!  (It's a GoDaddy unclaimed site now - not even a picture of Danica on the page to cheer me up.)  I did a quick search and found a lot of chatter in the April time frame that the site was down and it appeared the company had gone belly up.  I guess this is just another casualty of the recession.

I will miss  I'm not batting too well this year: Battlestar Galactica, Sarah Connor Chronicles and now bookpool.  Rats... Plus, I was going to buy dinner for the family at Fazoli's tonight and I found out it had closed a couple of weeks ago.  Talk about snake-bit.

Updated:  I've been out of the technical book market too long.  I tried to visit and was routed to Barnes and Noble's web site.  I really need to branch out a little more.  I guess I'll be visiting  Not my favorite book store, but at least it's still in business.

Is anyone willing to share their favorite online book store, particular their favorite technical book store?

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