Life in a motel....

by Codewiz51 28. July 2009 22:33

Well, it's not exactly a Motel 6 room.  It's a Marriott Residence Inn One Bedroom efficiency. Kitchenette with a microwave, a two burner stove, refrigerator with an ice maker and a dish washer.  Not bad.  More or less decent maid service.  Moderately slow high speed internet with the option to pay ~$5/day for "higher" speed internet.  (No thanks!) Worst feature?  486 miles from home.

So what does a traveling, far from home software developer do?  Mostly, I work.  I'm not the bar hopping guy I was 35 years ago when I was foot loose and fancy free.  I like to go back to my room, work on proposals, experiment with ten lines of code in a console application until it does what I want it to do in the most confusing and obfuscated way possible.  And I call my wife a lot.  I walk a lot.  In San Antonio, it's hot night and day.  Walking is a great way to work up an un-godly sweat in a very minimum amount of time.  I try to walk twice a day and three times on weekend.

I have two weaknesses that keep me from losing as much weight as I am capable of when I am out of town.  I like to cook.  The motel has a decent BBQ grill I can use.  And I love to eat Krystal Hamburgers.  I've been pretty good the last four weeks.  I've only hit the Krystal twice.  However, I can swallow a dozen of the sandwiches in one sitting.  In fact, I gave in tonight, blew off the salad in the frig and bought a dozen of the bloody sandwiches.  I suppose there are worse habits, but I still feel guilty when I kill a dozen.  I once got on a roll where I would only order four of the darn things.  That used up more gas, because I'd have to drive back two more times before I was satisfied.  The health effects of eating a dozen crystals is stupefying.  12 * 160 cals = 1920 cals.  I'd say that's a bit on the high side, wouldn't you?  12 * 7g fat = 84 g of fat.  Ugh.  I could drink a six pack of beer and not do as much damage to my arteries!  Bad habit.

The only saving grace to this whole eating event is that I take in about 48 grams of water soluble fiber every day consuming whole psyllium husk.  So far, my cholesterol and triglycerides seem to be well under control.

Well, hopefully I can get back to posting code on my blog soon.  Wish all of my readers well!



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