Coca Cola and the devalued dollar...

by Codewiz51 9. November 2009 11:46

I happened to notice (no really, just this weekend) that Coca Cola is being sold in 20 can packs.  Not 24, 20.  I don't follow this sort of thing regularly, but the price did not seem all that different than what I used to pay for a 24 can pack of Coke.  So we are buying 20/24 = 83% of two dozen for nearly the same price!  I guess this re-packaging gives us a realistic idea of what a devalued dollar means to our future.

Doesn't mean much when you are paying $6 for a 20 pack, but how about watching oil jump from $59 to $71, or a gallon of gas jump from $2.04 to $2.46.  Those sorts of devaluations really hurt at the end of the month, don't they?

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