Upgrading my laptop mobility and Kindle.

by Codewiz51 27. October 2011 08:24

I purchased a replacement battery for my laptop, that contains 9, rather than 6 Li-ion cells.  Battery life now appears to be 5+ hours, versus 3 with the original battery.  I also purchased a power supply that uses my automobile cigarette lighter.  This means my daughter and granddaughter can watch movies while we are traveling.  I can let my wife drive and I can work on projects while we're on trips.  (This will not really happen.  I drive, my wife sleeps.  Get used to it, get over it!)

Since adoping Kindle for PC, I am reading a lot more before bed. Having a longer battery life is a real Godsend for me.  Instead of having a mile high stack of books on my night stand, I disconnect my laptop and haul it to bed.  I have access to 25 books without the clutter.  Hopefully I'll have a Kindle Fire by Christmas and the bedtime load will be even lighter.

Life is good!

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