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by Codewiz51 12. March 2012 08:34

I spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday morning ironing out the installation and integration of SharePoint 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010.  I am down to a couple of event entries that can be ignored (at least for the time being.)

You need to plan on visiting the blog-osphere  to fix up your installations with small corrections.  I am working with a single, salvaged desktop computer that is old and out dated.  I am probably asking to much of the hardware and processor, so I generally don't get too excited if installs do not go completely error free.  In particular, anything that relies on rebooting my underpowered server generally fails.  Why?  Rebooting a domain controller that is running IIS 7.5, SQL Server 2008, Sharepoint 2010 and TFS is generally pretty busy at boot time.  Busy enough that stuff times out.  A lot.

I'll need to go through and correct permissions on my SQL Server and Sharepoint service accounts.  I was in a hurry and simply made the service accounts part of the administrators group.  I know, I know.  Bad Form!  I've been reading up on what the base permissions are for the SQL Server service account, so I will make those changes first.  Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll have everything locked down.

At the end of the day, I was able to create a new team Agile template project in TFS.  Yeah!  The Sharepoint web site was create correctly!  Yeah!

Tonight, I will start proper service account creation for the installed services and servers.  My base Sharepoint web site is a "blog" site, that I use as a log when I make corrections and experiment with permissions.  Once I have completed the setup, I'll publish my findings.

I have to give Microsoft some kudos on this stuff.  It's big.  It's complex.  It takes a lot of background knowledge to install Sharepoint and TFS.  The documents are available and the bloggers fill in any of the gaps.  For 99.95% of the installation, everything proceeded correctly.  The few things that weren't quite right were caused by my own impatience.  My advice?  Read the docs and scan the web.  After you have completed the installs, don't hurry.  Give your system time to stabilize.  Watch the event logs like a hawk for a couple of days.  They tell you a lot about what is going on with your system and you can fix a lot of small problems before they become major problems.  Learn how to administer the product before you start using it.



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