• Content development - I originally had thoughts of generating part time retirement income base on Google advertising. My first blog, codewiz51.blogspot.com is hit by roughly 30 unique visitors per day. Developers do not tend to click Google text ads. I've given up on advertising for the time being and am concentrating on content development.
  • Efficient blog design - I am most interested in successful delivery of information.  I study the lessons of Liz Strauss in her blog.  Liz's blog routed me to Vandelay Design, which has a number of excellent tutorials.  From Vandelay, I followed the train to Veerle Pieters blog.  Mr. Pieters' site one of the best jumping off points I could have asked for.  (This entire chain was started by searching Google with the search terms 'legitimate successful blog'.
  • Computers - I make a living programming the infernal things.  However, computers are not synonymous with software development.  If our cars and airplanes were as reliable as most retail computers, a lot more of us would be pushing daisies today.  Like all things man-made, some things about computers are really good, and some things are really bad.  Mostly, computers rank right up there with the IRS on my list of things to avoid.
  • Software Development - I like to develop software.  It's my job.  It's also a lot of fun.  I think software is entirely too unreliable.  Until the combination of computers and software begin to behave a lot more like refrigerators, stoves and ovens, they will always require vast levels of support.  My goal is to be able to buy a computer, plug it in, and have it work like a refrigerator.  It runs and it keeps things cold.  For just a little more money, you can install an ice maker and be really happy.  Microsoft seems to think .Net will save us from ourselves.  We'll see.
  • My wiki - If you want to see my real passion, follow my wiki topics.  I love developing content on a wiki.

Tuesday, January 24